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What We Do

'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.'

                                                                                                            Benjamin Franklin

At Middelmenne & Cie. we focus on decreasing your capital cost. And this is achieved best, when those supplying you with liquidity, comprehensively know about who they are dealing with. That is why our preferred way to keeping your cost down is driving your Investor Relations efforts up. Only if you know who your potential and existing investors are and keep them informed thoroughly and on a regular basis, you can be sure about having access to fresh liquidity at any time you need it. And at the best price markets offer.

The average consultant or agency will try to achieve this, by communicating your equity story from external. From an investor's point of view, this is mostly perceived as 'communicating about you' rather than 'communicating for you'. The difference is obvious.


Your advantage in hiring an Interim Manager is the general perception und trustworthiness of an internal communicator. He will instantly connect with other departments of your company and get a real feeling for the true spirit of your company. He will thus be way more successful in transporting your message right. At the same time, the corporate knowledge he builds up in everyday business will stay in your company. Accurate documentation and perfectly set up databases will make it easy, to transfer this knowledge to your employees at the end of a project.

Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

The initial setup of an IR department is key to the success of your communication efforts. Our Managers have been doing daily business for years. We know what makes the difference and how to correctly address the needs of investors and journalists. Whether your planning the initial launch of your IR and communication activities or decide for a complete relaunch of your existing department. If you think hiring an expert is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur!

Capital Markets Transactions

Transactions have always been that extra something in corporate life. And of course you would always decide for external advise in case of such a special event ahead. But what most companies lack is the internal routine with these milestone challenges. And to be honest. Where should this routine come from?


Our experts plan and pursue multiple capital increases, share buy-backs, squeeze-outs, IPOs and bond placements throughout the year. We know what to keep an eye on, which external services make sense in special situations and where good service meets fair pricing. If you decide for an Interim Manager to perfectly plan the right steps to be taken, overall savings will exceed your spending for this expert.

Practice Areas
  • Capital Increases

  • Share Buy-backs

  • Squeeze-out

  • Initial Public Offerings

  • Bond Placements

  • IR Set-up

  • IR Relaunch

  • Investor Targeting

  • Roadshows

  • Presentations

  • General Meetings

  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting

  • Corporate Communications

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